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Coxcargill rentals for the most comfortable holiday of your life!


Coxcargill is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Coxcargill take things to a whole lot new level selling each traveler something very valuable for them –
Experience! True Fantasy Experience.

We don’t just want you to simply witness nature or stay close to it. We want you to – LIVE in it by freely exploring/experiencing the untamed and completely
unique parts of the world on your terms and immerse yourselves in local culture!

The best part you can do all this with the comfort of a luxury hotel & a service as good as a motherly care in your dream homely vibe. We call it a True Fantasy Experience!

Coxcargill is not just a brand,another nature stay or an escape.. its a long term movement- a DREAM!
Its time for our kids, their coming generations to live, experience, breathe & explore the earth as we did or even more better by providing them a platform
for preserving the nature and living in it in a more truely connected manner.

Come join hands and lets make this a huge WIN humanity has ever seen!!
Each visit you will have a story to share, a story that you felt & are a part of, a story that makes you complete! We promise you that.

Cox cargill vattavada

45 KM from Munnar


Drive through Nature

You are the Nature & not close to it
Instead of waking up and stepping out of your house into your normal daily routine, you can wake up and step outside into your own private luury natural retreat.
Fresh air and absolute leisure…what more could you ask for?



Be wild in the WILD- Endless Adventures
Choose an extremely unique accommodation, pick an amazing backdrop, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime—all without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.
Hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, animal watching, and wine tasting are just a few of the activities you can participate in
while enjoying your cox cargill experience.


Camp Fire

Sustainable & Luxurious -It´s Eco-Friendly
Energy and materials used in the construction and management of a small hotel are quite high,
cox cargill accommodations, in many cases, take advantage of the surrounding elements of nature. That too providing ultimate luxury!

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